Exit Strategies: Looking for Loves Loopholes to Avoid Long-Term Entanglements

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For example, my parents seperation. Now I have to be careful what I say to him and what I tell him. The only time he contacts me is when he needs a favour. We have been to councilling twice since we got married but now I just want to leave. Nothing has changed and I have realised it never will. I have told him that our marrige is over but he is acting like I have never said it. I miss the feeling of been in love. I really need to leave but I have no where to go and no savings. I dont know if i should get a divorce ive been mentally and physically abused from my husband.

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I was going to a friends for a bit then we went to far but it felt so right i feel safe with him i havent loved my husband for Awhile now. But hes still my friend i dont want to lose that so confused. Hi, I am also stuck in a marriage that I desperately want to get out of. I have been married for 12 years to my husband and have four kids together. We are really good friends and he is a great father but I am not in love with him. I have been married for six years to a great guy.

Subsequently, he was convicted of felony burglary and theft.

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I still love and adore him as a person but the lying and unease of being married to the rest of my life to a convicted felon scares me. Right now, everything is okay.

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Hello Mr diether,Valeri,christaain This latter process simply cannot occur in an ordinary time sequence, not least because any temporally bound observer by construction cannot detect any offer or confirmation waves. I imagine if sociopathic individuals are truly emotionless, pain would feel good to them because they feel a small twinge of something for just a brief moment. She was It still hurts like crazy.

We get along great, he works two jobs. Though he makes less than half of what he used to make, we still get by just fine. My fear is the future. We discussed separation and divorce when he was arrested, but ended up going to counseling and have stayed together. I had a very innocent schoolgirl crush from afar on a guy that works for the same organization as me. I admired him from afar for four years. We recently began a friendship which accidentally turned into a little more than that and it made me realize that men do still find me desirable.

The lines of a road can blur, and the exits are just suggestions.

I have no idea if there would be any future with me and this guy, or even if that matters in what decision I ultimately make. I have been warned not to leave my husband for this other guy. Would you ladies stay with a criminal if you were mostly happy otherwise or would that in itself be a reason to split? My husband and I have only been married for a few months.

We started dating and got engaged within 7 months. I still had feelings for my ex when we started dating but they moved to the wayside. I got so caught up in the wedding planning and festivities that I never stood back and took in my feelings. I always had a bad feeling about this relationship as it progressed so fast.

I Don't Love My Husband Anymore. Is It Time for a Divorce?

After being married, I think I made a terrible mistake. My husband and I constantly fight, and we rarely have sex, as I am hardly attracted to him. We also planned to have kids as soon as possible. But I need to figure out my feelings first. Recently, my ex came back into my life and confessed his feelings for me, and I did the same for him.

And we have been talking for almost a week straight.

I am so horribly torn! I feel like I will disappoint everyone if I get divorced now, and go back to by ex. My suggestion is get help as soon as possible, you may need marriage counselling perhaps on your own first as the feelings you have for your ex will not go away, as it seems you had unresolved issues before you met your husband.

Do not tell your husband about your feelings for your ex, it will complicate things more. I wish someone guided me long ago…. My post for advice is on 6th November and I am as torn as you.

Exit Strategies: Looking for Love's Loopholes to Avoid Long-Term Entanglements

Hope this helps…. Is there a way we can talk privately? I would like to share my story with you.. I have been with my husband 5 years, married 3. I almost called off the wedding a week before. We generally get along well. I just have no desire to. I used to. When we first were together, I was crazy about him.

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But so many things happened early on in our relationship , that I have a tough time not dwelling on the past and how I wish I reacted different back then. And then maybe we would have broken up or whatnot had I put my foot down and stood up for myself. The guy I was actually sort of seeing when I met my husband.

It of course was amazing and we even talked about getting together, me leaving my husband. Which messed me up.

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  • I Don’t Love My Husband Anymore. Is It Time for a Divorce?;

And now we just keep having the same fight over and over. My biggest fear in life is to look back with regrets. But how do I know the right decision?!

And feel like my life is wasting away sometimes. Please help. Would love someone to talk to that feels the same. I been with gf 14 years we have 2 kids. I never felt in love so I never marry her. I stay for kids. I Tired of being unhappy. She is sweet kind and so little but she has a big heart always puts others first. I hunt with her husband and see him treat her bad and cuss her out all the time for nothing. My gf never went. I never felt important to her.

We are so in love and now all I can think about is being with her.

On a first date, less is not more. Yet we are fascinated with mysterious people.

Shes my soul mate. She is separated so how do I tell the old gf to move out? I think I deserve to be happy and I would never cheat on the new gf bc she is so special. I knew then that I need her in my life. But my gf will never leave me. I feel so much for the sad stories on here and really empathise. I married my wife 27 years ago. We have been struggling with our marriage for 23 years. We always pulled in different directions.

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The only time sex has been good in that time is when she thought I was going to leave her. I was brought up that divorce is a failure and have battled to make things good including for our 2 lovely boys. Dates, nice surprises, counselling. Always I fell back into despair.